Assignment 16663

Plagiarism will be reported to
the Programme Leader who may award zero marks or refer the matter
to the Faculty Discipline Committee, which has powers of
suspension/exclusion. You are required to include the following
statement on the cover sheet on assignment: “wherever this
assignment draws on the work of others, such sources are clearly
acknowledged”. The statement should be signed.

ASSIGNMENT:Application of Mobile and Wireless Communication Technology
This assignment is concerned with an overview of wireless technologies and then a review of a wireless/mobile technology in an organisation (medium or large) of your choice.You may not use Unitec. You will also make a group presentation (10 to 15 minutes each) on your findings to the class. You will provide a brief 1-2 page summary of your presentation (including network diagrams) to participants.
Any material used from journals, books, conferences, the internet, or the company must be referenced. You will jointly submit a single report but make an individual presentation on some parts of the project. You may be asked questions on any part of the project report. It is expected that you cover some advanced materials on wireless communication. A basic report will give you poor marks. Your active participation, discussion, and commenting on other students’ presentations are essential.
Choose an organisation that has a wireless communication (medium to large size).Collect all the relevant information on the network used by this organisation.Please discuss the company size with your lecturer for its suitability.
Your project report will contain at the minimum:
Title page, Executive Summary (one page to describe your project and your findings), Table of Contents, Introduction (including background) about the company and the background history of the wireless technology you chose.
Overview of the wireless technology you chose: in this section you need to review the wireless technology used by the company.This review must be at least 6 pages and it is expected that you research beyond the course material.You may start with history of wireless technology used by the company and cover progress to date.
Assessment (your own) concerning performance of the wireless network
Description of the wireless network used (including a network diagram) and analysis of the network considering alternative options.
Research on the wireless technology the company is using.This must have at least 5 journal or conference papers, 4 books, and some website references.Comparison of these research work findings must be included. If the topic is same as Assignment one (eg on 3G), try to focus on different aspect of 3G here, or more advanced material.
Brief description of protocols used
Network management system used.
4.The security arrangement for the company’s wireless network (if any) including disaster recovery arrangements.
Future: Preparedness for integration of future growth, future technologies and future network plan of the company.
Recommendations for improving the company’s wireless network.
Discussions and conclusions (challenges, opportunities, how, why, advantages, disadvantages, comparison with other technologies, and anything else you like to discuss).
References used from journals, books, conferences and websites.
* I have an assignment ready, you need to just rewrite in own words