Assignment 16704

This involves summarizing the text, and identifying the author, their purpose, and their intended audience. Furthermore, you will examine the rhetorical appeals and elements used in the text. The goal is not only to determine what an author is trying to accomplish (their purpose), but also to examine the tools they use, and the choices they make.DetailsThe intended audience of your paper is educated readers who have not read the text you are analyzing. Your completed paper must cite the text using professional format and citation practices (normally MLA 8th Edition). It must be five or six (5-6) pages long, including the Works Cited page.  No additional research or source material is required or necessary for this assignment. Unless your instructor states otherwise, your Paper must use Standard Written English mechanics, usage, grammar, and spelling.ProcessThis assignment has several steps:1) First draft due for Peer Review on Thursday, September 16th at 3:30pm (beginning of class). This draft must be at least five (5) pages long.  2) Second, complete draft due on Thursday, September 23rd at 3:30pm for feedback from me and to be discussed at your individual Conference. Instead of class, conferences will be held the week of September 27th – October 1st. Note your appointment date and time.3) Complete Reflective Journal Response due Monday, September 27th at 12pm your Conference appointment. Explain changes between the first and second drafts, name the best part of the second draft, and list two or three (2-3) items you want to improve.4) Third, complete and revised draft based on feedback from the instructor and your peers, and your own self-analysis, if needed, due Wednesday, October 6th .5) Revise again to create a final version for the Portfolio, due December 6.ResourcesIf you would like to discuss ideas and get help on this assignment:● Ask questions in class or through e-mail. My e-mail address is● Come to office hours. My office hours are Mondays 3-5pm, Tuesdays 4-5pm, by email appointment.● Consult with a Temple librarian. Chat and other options are available here:● Consult with a tutor from the Writing Center. Appointments and other options are available here: