Assignment 16723

Question 1: Please explain the concept of Currency Conflict and please give an example of how currency conflict works and its impact on both sides.
Question 2: There are thre well-identified problems with currency conflic?
Question 3: please explain what are the policies that can be used to prevent currency conflic to evolve into currency war. Which policy or policies do you think are most appropiated after analyzing and studing all three currency wars?
Question 4: Please review currency I, II, III and compare and contrast all three. For that purpose, I recommend you look into the following (but not limiting to these) points and not necessarily in this order
– History that led to currency manipulation and conflict.
– Main characters involved in the currency conflict and/or currency war: presidents, secretaries, workers, industry, sectors, etc
– What event or events triggered the currency manipulation, currency conflict, and currency war
– what was the effect of the currency manipulation and the conflict.
– Was there a currency war? if so, please explain how, why, when, where, who?
– which policiy or policies were used to end the currency manipulation, conflict and war.
– what monetary order or monetary “peace” came out after implementing these policies?
you must use the references from these 4 readings not Others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!