Assignment 16746

Waterfall is one of many types as discussed in class.Your assignment is to research and find 5 others.  Your deliverable includes a 3-4 page research paper thatbegins by listing and briefly describing five SDLC methodology types (not including Waterfall)then selects one type (your choice) and describes it in details including advantage and disadvantages.Your paper may include graphics to depict the selected SDLCUse MS Word with default font type (Calibri), font size(11) and line spacing (1.15) to create your paperMaximum point is awarded to original content (your words), the level of details (the 3C’s – Clarity, Conciseness, and Completeness), organization, pagination, proper grammar, free of spelling error and siting of the source.”Your words” mean you write the paper and make it your paper.  If you copy/paste from the web, it will be caught and your grade will be severely deducted. It is OK to quote and site the source but not the entire paper.