Assignment 16749

• Spiritual well-being: A sense of purpose and meaning, values that drive actions, mindful attention.• Physical well-being: Positive regard for the body. Being aware of the innate ability of the body and mind to affect each other.• Intellectual well-being: Stretch, grow, and challenge the mind by cultivating creativity and fostering the love of learning.• Relational well-being: Contribute to and benefit from the people around you. Foster a healthy relationship with yourself.• Emotional well-being: Increase pleasurable emotions and cultivate resilience to deal with painful emotions.
Assess where you are in each dimension of wellbeing (score each out of 10 and explain the score). Take your time; really check-in with your inner experience rather than rushing.2. When you have completed all of the dimensions, take a moment and reflect upon your overall well-being. How do the individual parts add up to the whole? Does one dimension weigh heavier than another?3. Next, record the actions which are helping or harming each dimension of wellbeing. What’s working for you?4.How important is each dimension of wellbeing to you? What is your desired status?5.For those dimensions you rated lower or you wish to improve, what actions could you take to raise them, even if only slightly? Identify at least 3 actions you can take to improve each aspect of your well being.
•Map your network connections •Assess if your network meets your wellbeing goals. •What are the strengths and weaknesses of your network, and where you need to fill in gaps with new contacts? How can you build your network? •How can you maintain existing relationships? How can you stay in touch and “give back” to dormant ties? Who are they, and what could you offer?