Assignment 16768

Demonstrate your understanding of concepts related to combination therapy that
includes a monoclonal antibody or targeted therapy by posting how you would
explain the following to the patient at a level (e.g., 5th grade) they would

For this discussion, address EACH of the four following
points in your discussion post – REMEMBER you areexplaining these
points to a patient! To earn credit, your post must be at a level the patient
can understand (e.g. 5th grade level).
1. What
combination therapy regimen are you posting about? (Regimen must include BOTH a
monoclonal antibody/targeted therapy plus cytotoxic chemotherapy)
2. How
would you explain to your patient the rationale for why they are receiving
combination therapy (cytotoxic chemotherapy plus monoclonal antibody/targeted
therapy) at a level the patient would understand?
3. How
do monoclonal antibodies differ from chemotherapy?
4. What
are some important points to discuss with the patient regarding this
therapy? Be sure to list 2 key teaching points for EACH agent in the
This is to be an interactive learning environment so be sure to
view what your peers are posting and reply to their posts if you have
recommendations for them based on your own practice or if you have questions of
them on how their policies/procedures might benefit you.