Assignment 16806

For this assignment, what I would like you to do is :
Read the Judicial portion of the Constitution. I added a link to review (Links to an external site.)

Find a Supreme court and write a summary of the court case (about 1 paragraph). It is up to you what case you want to choose; there are many landmark cases out there. I’ve provided some references below to help you with your search.
I think you’ll find the exercise more interesting if you pick a more current case (about a baker in Colorado or a cheerleader in Florida. But you should certainly choose one that is interesting to you!
3. Write 2-3 paragraphs on how the judicial review was used. Do you best to explain how the Supreme Court used its power to decide the case
4. Note any questions about the judicial review or the judicial branch you have (optional).
Your questions will really help guide Wednesday’s conversation! So take your time with this, and try to learn along the way. I suggest checking the Student Learning Outcomes on the syllabus as you do this.
Please upload your responses as either a PDF or Word file.
To find some landmark cases: (Links to an external site.)
Or click this pdf for some landmark cases (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
These are some cases that we found exciting and recentOnes to watch
‘Frightened To Death’: Cheerleader Speech Case Gives Supreme Court Pause-2021 (Links to an external site.)
Guam v. United States (Links to an external site.)
Recently decided
Trump v. Vance 2020 (Links to an external site.)
CHIAFALO V. WASHINGTON (Links to an external site.)