Assignment 16834

Part 1Your task for part 1 is to make an organizational table – your chart should include all 12 cranial nerves identified by both name and number, and provide a brief description of the functions of each.  You should also note whether each nerve is motor function only, sensory function only, or contains both motor and sensory function. Part 2You will provide a short powerpoint with a story based on the cranial nerves.  You should tell the story of a complex action that involves at least 6 of the twelve cranial nerves (for example, drinking a cup of tea).  Your story should include a clear description of an every day action and clearly identify the cranial nerves involved and the role that they play.  It should be no more than 4 minutes total.  You should keep in mind the information that you compiled for the organizational table in part one.  How can you accurately convey the type of innervation provided by that cranial nerve? Is that signal afferent or efferent?  What are the effects of the innervation by each particular nerve?