Assignment 16845

For the IRIS Module, do the following:
Access the module here. (Click begin in the bottom right corner) (Links to an external site.)
Watch the Challenge video
Respond to the following questions on the Initial Thoughts page:
What should Ms. Rollison know about behavior in order to help Joseph?
How can Ms. Rollison determine why Joseph behaves the way he does?
What can Ms. Rollison do to modify Joseph’s behavior?
How will Ms. Rollison know whether the intervention is successful?

Complete Activity at the bottom of page 1 regarding Nathan’s HomeworkWhat is Nathan’s Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequence?

Complete Activity at the bottom of page 2: Consequence Identification :Submit one screenshot, at the completion of all the consequence identification (Positive reinforcement, Negative reinforcement, Positive punishment, negative punishment, and extinction)

Complete the Activity at bottom of page 3 There are 5 scenarios; you will submit a screenshot for each option – 5 screenshots in total.

Complete the Activity at the bottom of page 5Submit the answers to these questions:Write at least three nonexamples that can be included in the definition of Joseph’s problem behavior.
Write a definition of a possible replacement behavior for Joseph. Be sure to include at least one example and one nonexample.

Pages 6-10 will be useful for building your behavioral support plan in Final Part II
Pages 11-13 are not applicable for this course, but provide really good information!