Assignment 16873

discussion 1
Discussion Board – Addressing ConcernsINSTRUCTIONS: The objective of this Discussion Board is to observe examples of Objection Handling from our friends in Hollywood. Each student must watch the two videos below (copy and paste the links into a web browser):……
After watching the videos, please post your answers to the following questions:
Video #1 (Tommy Boy):What was “Ted’s” objection?
What happened to Richard’s (David Spade) attempt to overcome the objection? Why?
How did Tommy (Chris Farley) overcome the objection?

Video #2 (The Office):What was the buyer’s objection?
What did Jim (John Krasinski) do immediately following the buyer’s objection prior to calling Dunder-Mifflin’s customer service?
What “Approach for Responding to Objections” from the textbook did Jim use? Was it effective? Why?

Taking into account both videos, discuss three (3) key learnings about Addressing Concerns and Objection Handling? Which of your key learnings is the most important? Why?
Discussion 2:
Discussion: Collusion, Anti-trust Laws