Assignment 16954

Blogs should be the equivalent of 5 pages in length, plus bibliography, and should reference at least 3 readings from the course and 5 additional academic articles, for a total of 8 sources minimum. We will be looking for evidence of critical engagement with course materials, concepts, theories, and some original thought and opinions about one or more issues covered in this course that you found particularly interesting and relevant.
The 3 reference should be getting from the readings. You will get the from the course from the book (Sport, Media and society) will be attached in here. (I couldn’t download all the files because is says it is too big to downlode) I will email it to you when you agreed to do it.)
The 5 additional academic articles will be from my school website. once you agreed to do it I will give you the info how you log in and other thing.
When you click at the link go and click on the first link which is
Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) so you can get the 5 additional academic articles.