Assignment 16960

Even though you can use outside sources to get background knowledge for writing and inform yourself, no secondary sources are supposed to be used other than the ones provided which are directly from course readings and materials. You are expected to draw upon all relevant course material – readings, lectures, screenings, and online resources and cite accordingly for this sources.
Thus far, this course has emphasized the question of technology, a technocultural studies approach, and changes technology and social reality in the context of modernity and postmodernity. In order to go beyond a view of technology as useful ‘things,’ it is first of all necessary to be aware of the power of language in shaping our assumptions about technology, to perceive the interconnectedness of technology and culture, and to put technologies into the broadest possible sociohistorical context.
For the first part of this assignment, discuss the problem of defining “technology.” (Drawing on Slack and Wise (2015), first outline the chief difficulties they identify in defining the word “technology.” Then discuss what definitional move they propose to gain a more sophisticated understanding of technology.)
For the second part, explain how technology, as part of an assemblage, shapes space and time. (First, focus on how Slack