Assignment 16974

o Read the assigned chapters thoroughly.
o Write down notes on the main ideas presented from each chapter.
o Use your notes and summarize/describe the information in the work in no more than 1 paragraph of your paper. Again, reflection papers should be thoughtful critiques, not simply synopses of the chapters. Do not summarize the chapter for more than one paragraph of your paper.
o Critically react to and personally interact with the work in the remaining of your paper. Here are some guidelines to get your thinking and interacting with the chapters:
o Explain the insights you have gained from the work.
o Identify what you liked and/or disliked in the work.
o Relate the subfield, or contents of the subfield, to your own personal life, work, and/or experiences in general.
o Describe how the subfield, or contents of the subfield, affects you (i.e., feelings, thoughts, and beliefs).
Each essay must be 1 page, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman 12-point font, on pages with 1-inch margins.