Assignment 17016

You will view recorded footage of your choosing of two religious rituals from different religious traditions or different denominations within a single religion. Make sure the footage is authentic, non-polemical (i.e., not produced to harm the group in question), and unbiased (i.e., footage without commentary or other element which might influence your observations). Be sure to pick rituals which are suitable for comparison and not completely disparate (i.e., they have a shared purpose, setting, activity, etc.). For example, the Christian Eucharist and Jewish Passover or Yom Kippur could be be fruitfully compared. **If you have any religious background/affiliation, that tradition cannot be used for this assignment.**You will then write an academic essay comparing and contrasting them. You will adopt the mindset of an anthropologist, social scientist, religious studies scholar that has been the approach throughout the course this semester and thoroughly describe the rituals.  Be detailed and be descriptive. Then, and most importantly, discuss the points of comparison between the two rituals/services you observed in terms in terms of how they are similar and how they differ (e.g., the lay and clergy individuals involved and their role/s, the purpose/function/result of the rituals, the material objects used, etc). Your essay must have clearly organized paragraphs, a brief introduction and conclusion, and correct grammar and punctuation.You may do minimal background research in order to understand what you viewed if anything is unclear, but this is not intended to be a research paper and I am most interested in your own thoughts and analysis. Any sources consulted must be cited parenthetically or in footnoes where used within the paper and listed on a bibliography/references/works cited page. Any method of citation is acceptable as long as it is used consistently and correctly (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian). Only academic sources may be used (i.e., do not use Google).