Assignment 17036

Choose a culture or subculture group other than your own that you would like to examine further. For each section below, provide the following:ViewsSummarize, in 150–300 words, an example of each of the following:Viewpoints your chosen culture or subculture group might have about criminal justice professionalsAn explanation of why this group might hold those viewsMisunderstandingsProvide an example of a misunderstanding this culture or subculture group has had with criminal justice professionals. You may wish to consider one of the following areas. (Hint: You will need to provide an example of each of these areas in Project Three, so you may want to choose one of them now.)LanguageReligion/BeliefsDeafnessIlliteracyProfessional PracticesNext, explore each of the professional practices listed below. For each practice, in 50–100 words, describe the practice and then bullet point some of the possible outcomes of instituting it. This will help prepare you to explore each of these practices and make recommendations to the “Office of Accountability” in Project Three. Refer to the Professional Practices Example PDF document for expectations and formatting guidelines for this section of the assignment.Understanding the publicDiversity trainingProcedural justicePolice legitimacyDiverse hiring practicesSpecifically, the following rubric criteria must be addressed:Explore the viewpoints of a culture or subculture group and why that group might hold those views.Provide an example of a misunderstanding between a culture or subculture group and criminal justice professionals.Describe professional practices and possible outcomes.Guidelines for Submission:This assignment must be completed in written format. Any references must be cited in APA format.