Assignment 17064

In this week’s chapters from The Victorian Internet, we get to see how the shift to electricity transformed the problem of telegraphy, and its potential as an industry. Can you connect this with some of the changes you’ve seen happen in the past decade as the internet has evolved? How/why/why not?
Take one of the guiding questions of our course – in your own words, try applying it to one of this week’s case studies. Explain in your post why you chose it. Feel free to start with your response to question 3 from this week’s reflection exercise.
Consider the question you asked or the comment you posed in this week’s synchronous session. What does it and the discussion we had with Dr. Feaster either illuminate for you or confirm for you about this week’s other course materials? Are the issues that confronted the adoption of photography different from those of phonography?
In your group’s channel on Slack post and respond to the following:
You’re all meeting with the instructor this week to talk through your capstone project. Tell your groupmates the following:What pieces of this topic seem most important to you right now? If you had to identify 2-3 things you’d want to be able to talk about that seem important now, list them.
Which of the three guiding questions seems easiest for you to answer right now? Why does it seem like “low-hanging fruit”? (hint: these are always a good place to start, if research is new to you)

Begin discussing the small group project. Share the questions you have, or any ideas you might have to start thinking about this.
In your comment post, in your group’s channel, give your groupmates feedback on these two items – for #1, can you find other parts of their topic that you either agree are really important, or think they might be missing? And, give them any ideas you have at this point about how they might take on their first guiding question (whichever they identified). For #2, your goal is to come away from the week with some concrete ideas you can begin developing about what you think you might want to talk about in your small group project.