Assignment 17070

In your journal, write a fully developed paragraph for each problem (5-8 sentences each) explaining twosides to the issue (how is it argumentative?), how you plan to approach it in your project (what side are yougoing to take?), and why you’re personally interested in it (of all the potential problems in your field ordegree, why did you choose this?). When writing the paragraphs, feel free to express any other thoughts orconcerns you may have about the topic choices. After exploring the argumentativeness of your problems, take a moment to consider the bigger picture. Then, in one to two paragraphs, briefly reflect on the importance of persuasion with the potential topic you’re most likely to write about. Why is it important that people consider your side with your selected topic? Who is youraudience, and why is it important to convince them that your view on your topic is the better (or more correct)view? Remember to try to be specific in your entry: this information will help guide you as you work on yourproject in the coming weeks.
Please review rubric for more details
Thank you