Assignment 17078

Required information
A good way to think about what synthesizing your sources means is
all of the above.
visualizing how their ideas overlap.
imagining their authors all having a conversation.
seeing their authors in debate against each other.
Required information
Using untrustworthy sources
is something you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about.
is alright, as long as you also have some reliable sources.
is something you should do if it helps you make your case.
will make your own argument untrustworthy by extension.

Required information
To figure out if a source is reliable, you can
see who published the source.
all of the above.
look for information on the author.
find out what kind of organization is behind the source, if it appears on a website.
Required information
Credible sources will give you
all of the above.
authoritative interpretations and opinions.
research conducted responsibly.
information you can trust.

Required information
To make a preliminary judgment on whether a source will be useful and relevant to a research project, you might
read an abstract of the article or book.
skim the introduction.
read a book review of the book.
all of the above.

Required information
“Peer review” means that a source
all of the above.
has been deemed acceptable for student use.
has had reviews written about it in journals.
was examined by other scholars in the field and accepted as worthy of publication.
Required information
Synthesizing your sources while you research means
creating an annotated bibliography.
organizing them in a table so that you can see all of the different points made by each author.
critically thinking about how the ideas in the sources connect, overlap, and interact.
paraphrasing the arguments contained in them.

Required information
Referring to sources and incorporating ideas from sources in our own writing
allows us to acknowledge the breadth of the conversation that has already been taking place on our subject.
makes our arguments more trustworthy.
demonstrates that we have accumulated knowledge about the topic.
all of the above.

Required information
When you are acknowledging your source material, the signal phrase
should rarely be used because it will make your writing choppy.
is the parenthetical citation that follows the material.
should contain the words “said” or “wrote.”
is a short phrase that connects the material to its source.

Required information
Directly quoting ideas that are stated with interesting phrasing or colorful language
all of the above.
retains more meaning than just a paraphrase.
creates a more evocative reference to the source.
allows you to analyze the words themselves.