Assignment 17087

In this milestone, you begin to analyze the data in yourclient’s case history. You will be addressing how the client’s behaviors and test conditions impacted the test results. You will also closely examine the differenttests used to determine the benefits and limitations of each. Finally, you will consider whether or not the assessments were conducted ethically. All of yourobservations and insights will need to be supported with current research and accepted professional practices.Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:II. Observationa) Using the field notes provided and, referring to the specific testing instruments and methods used, describe the pertinent client behaviors and test conditions relevant to test outcomes and conclusions. What is the setting for the observation? Was it a natural or contrived situation? Was the subject aware of the observation (Hawthorne effect)? How did the observed behaviors relate to the referral question?b) How did the subject respond to testing? What was his or her level of comfort, effort, emotional state, and so on? Using other research, justifyhow the subject’s behavior could have been impacted by the test conditions.