Assignment 17098

Develop an analysis of a company position by comparing the financial data of two companies in the refining industry.
This is a group assignment; it can be submitted more than once if you want.
Compare financial performance over the past 5 years compared to the industry.
The companies you must consider will be – Phillips, Valero, Marathon, or Holly.
The assignment to develop (means create from a table) and upload is:
Include 3 charts: one must be the profit margin, one sales growth, and one other of your choice.
Explain the significance of the chart trend in terms of strategy and why does it appear the company is performing well or poorly.
To locate company financial information, do the following – Go to (Links to an external site.)
Then select in sequence ………..
stock research
Stocks by sector – scroll down to lower right
Oil Refining and Marketing
Locate the first 10 stocks listed:
Click on the company from above
Click on financials