Assignment 19009

No one has ever made a single thing in this world without the help of someone else. Credit for the success of all endeavors are always given to the leader for holding the team together to complete whatever the task may be. Notwithstanding great leadership can only be expressed when there is a relationship that needs leading. For example, Henry Ford was not the machinist who built all the parts for the gas-powered automobile. There are many nameless partners that contributed to this great success story, but because Henry valued and understood partnership verses parts supplier. He was able to garner the value of their know-how as well a receive a quality part. And look at the benefits of those partnerships we enjoy today.So in my opinion the when a company is selection a vendor or a supplier they should approach this task from the stand point of establishing a long-term partner that is vested in the overall success of the product or service. The monetary gain may be the immediate attraction but what keeps me coming back and anchored through the ups and downs of business transactions is the solid footing or relationship stability.
The article asked this question that was originally posed to Rick Hamilton, the director of service delivery for Cisco Systems. “When things go bad and they most certainly will, who would you rather have at the table? A Vendor or a Partner? (Vendor Management Tips: Building Relationships, 2005)
Remember if the money is the only common ground between vendors and suppliers than once the exchange has taken place any and all problems or concerns, joys or sorrows, rewards, etc.…. has been severed once the cash is exchanged.
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