Assignment 19025

From this week’s readings, choose one effect of the Great Depression on men of color and women. Discuss one way that the New Deal or The Social Security Act positively affected these groups. How did the Social Security Act lead to a two-class system? Is this benefit still in place today? Why or why not? 


From the Social Welfare: A History of American Response to Need text:

Read Chapter 6, “The Depression and the New Deal: 1930–1940,” pages 164–197.

From the Capella library:

Read Barrow’s 2007 article, “Forrester Blanchard Washington and His Advocacy for African Americans in the New Deal,” from Social Work, volume 52, issue 3, pages 156–204.

From the Internet:

Visit the Social Security website to read the article, “Historical Background and Development of Social Security,” which describes economic security from the Ancient Greeks, English poor laws, and colonial America, up to the Obama administration