Assignment 19031

GWST 300 Archival Analysis Assignment
The point of this assignment is analyze primary source documents on the history of African-American engagement with the birth control movement in the early twentieth century and to write a cohesive narrative on these findings (include a bibliography at the end) in answer to the following question.
What Perspectives Did African American Advocates Bring to the Birth Control Movement and How Did Those Perspectives Shape the Histow of the Harlem Branch Birth Control Clinic?
Written Assignment: Write a 4- 5 page paper in answer to the overarching question based on the evidence you have gathered from a total of 5 to 7 documents, including 1-2 publications and 4-5 clinic documents.
In addition, in a separate 1- page paper reflect on the process of engaging primary documents for this and the news analysis assignment. What were the major things you learned about the challenges and rewards of working with primary documents? What did you find that was surprising?
Reports should be 4-5 pages in length based on a bibliography of 5-7 documents (the bibliography is not included in report page length) and a 1-2 reflective essay