Assignment 19041

Your main
post must be two to three substantive paragraphs (250 words) and
include at least two references/citations. Please follow up with two
subsequent replies to colleagues. Each reply should consist of a
relevant paragraph containing 50 words or more.
questions are designed for you to demonstrate your knowledge and
understanding of the weekly material. This forum provides an opportunity
to develop ideas and concepts with your instructor and peers. The
Discussion format assists with development of communication skills and
critical thinking necessary for success in the modern workplace.
HOW: Your
postings should be substantive, demonstrate independent thought
relevant to the topic, and encourage continued discussion. Please avoid
simply repeating previous posts and agreeing. Provide supporting
evidence of your ideas and opinions through the use of personal or work
examples, relevant articles or websites, or concepts covered in the
week’s readings.
Question for the Week
Answer at least two of the following based on personal experiences:
1. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of conducting a team interview versus an interview by a single individual.
2. Why don’t we quote the annual salary when offering a job?
3. When is it best to recruit internal candidates as opposed to external candidates?
4. How are closed interview questions different from open questions?