Assignment 19092

You can list all the data and information with their corresponding citations in bullet point writing. For each of the three categories list a minimum of 5 different sources. Add a reference list at the end that cites all the references used in the text.The literature review will be about Toyota Motor and the following:Social Responsibility and Sustainability Structures Research the organization’s website, press releases and current job openings looking for evidence of a company focus on social responsibility and or sustainability. Analyze any other business sources that have evidence of the company’s focus (Forbes, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, etc.). Sample questions to guide your research are: • Is there a presence for sustainability on the organizations Website? Is it mentioned in the Mission Statement? • Look for lawsuits (perhaps class action?) or noncompliance fines that the company has had to pay. Investigations and probes into the company. • Are there job positions dedicated to sustainability and corporate social responsibility? • What public awards or recognition has the company or employees received for sustainability? • How does this company structure demonstrate a focus on social responsibility (people, planet, profit). EnvironmentalResearch the organization’s impact on the environment. Sample questions to consider are:• What are the efforts to reduce water, air, energy, solid waste, transportation usage? • Can you show demonstrated savings, either in what they have already done, or proposals for the future? • What the organization’s sustainability report shares on the environmental impact of the company?• What efforts to reduce the carbon print of the operations has the organization taken?Culture and LeadershipResearch how culture, gender, demographics are currently affecting the organization. Sample questions to consider:• What is the percentage of minority group members on leadership positions? What is the turnover rate? What is the stock price and trends?• Are there class action lawsuits by employees?• Are suppliers being treated fairly? Are consumers receiving a value for the money they spend on the organizations product and or service?