Assignment 19113

Select a goods-producing organization and a service-providing organization of your choice. Suggest ways each organization can make aggregate planning decisions using the variables described in Exhibit 13.3 in the textbook, OM.
Compare and contrast the operational and managerial impacts of the aggregate planning decisions in terms of customer satisfaction.
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Keyayang Wallace
RE: Week 7 Discussion
Dollar General has a lot of stores open. Every time you turn around they are popping open a new store. They use economic mass images in interviews of their business. By doing so the business refreshes any serving of the maturity representation. The markets have to mock-up relocate, renovate properties sufficiently and on time. Dollar General’s new sales post to achieve sales and operating levels consistent with the business expectations. Dollar Tree fights in the money market with the public connections and many independent dollar shops national. They promote in-store events, sales, periodic hard sell, and advertised goods within the site so users find a local market, study data about Dollar Tree, and sight merchandise callbacks. Dollar Tree also added client evaluations and surveys on their website so consumers can go online and browse and compose evaluations about Dollar Tree goods.
netrashetty. December 17, 2010. Marketing Strategy of Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.. p. 8.
Dollar General. March 23, 2016. Dollar General Provides Outline of Strategic Plans to Deliver on Its Growth Model; Company Announces Plans to Accelerate New Store Openings to 1,000 in 2017. p. 4.