Assignment 19117

ProblemState the problem id depth. Use a case or data that supports this being a problem. Where any laws… rights violated?Historical BackgroundHistorical background on this particular issue.  What led to this? What current laws/policies are in place that allow this problem? What has happened as a result? Stay on topic.StakeholdersThere are X stakeholders involved in this issue. They are…..(name each and why they are a stakeholder). RecommendationsWhat are real solutions that you propose to fix this issue? Is it the creation of a new policy? Is it the expansion of a new one? What kinds of policies… what kinds of programs. State 2-3 rec’s. Obstacles What are the obstacles that would make these recommendations difficult to pass? Funding? Political will? Public perception, cultural norms?….ConclusionWhat is the most feasible solution and why.  Do not use this area to summarize your paper. *This is your main paper. Go in full detail. No fluff. Statements and facts. No use of I, we, our.  It is NOT to exceed 10 pages. Ideally, think about each section being 2 pages long.  The conclusion and abstract should only be a paragraph long. Do not ask rhetorical questions. Do not use passionate language.