Assignment 19143

ECON 303 SP/21
Individual Essay
In 2500 words or more, (double spacing, 12 font size), write an essay about the socio-economic profile of a developing nation of your choice. Please upload your work as usual on canvas On its due date, November 22nd, 11.59 PM,
The profile should be as comprehensive as possible, and include, but is not limited to, macroeconomic topics such as:
1. Geographical description, historical background, and other unique features that make it peculiar.
2. Socio-cultural realities, (languages, population, social organizations, religion…. social values.)
3. Economic features, including current GNI and GDP per capita. Describe the general GDP growth trend in the country as well as the poverty level, income disparity, NHDI, Happiness, SDG performance, and other internationally recognized indexes.
4. What is the country’s current rate of inflation? Describe causes and the general trends in inflation as well.
5. What is the dominant economic system in place? Summarize the 2021 Economic outlook and major focus areas. What is the current political system in place? How do you believe these two variables affect each other?
6. What is the current state of the institutions of education and health within this country? What about life expectancy?
7. What is the current state of employment? What percentage of the nation is currently unemployed?
8. Describe the current state of innovation and entrepreneurship within this country.
9. How does climate change affect this country? Any sound National Determination commitment as a feasible pathway for combating climate change.?
10. How is covid-19 affecting this country?