Assignment 19149

Write a Personal Myth of Transformation (SiFi emotional story)
This course studies human separation from Earth, union with Earth, and service to Earth. To the extent that people actually experience these phases, they embark upon a sort of archetypal “hero’s journey” or “vision quest.”
Begin writing a mythical story using the motif of hero’s journey or vision quest. You are the hero/heroine in this journey. Write this fictionalized emotional moving breathtaking myth of your separation from the Earth, of reuniting with the Earth, and of returning from the experience to the everyday world with a new commitment.
This is for ecopsychology class, use your imagination! A good video to watch before: so you understand
What is the ‘new world’ can be like? Don’t quote. This is writing of a imagination story.
4 pages in length (double spaced).
Be imaginative yet true to yourself. Enjoy the experience of its creation. Give it time and space to grow, allow it to go into directions that seem to come from somewhere beyond you.