Assignment 19154

The question I need to answer is – Explain why you chose these competitive strategies and estimate how they might affect sustainability of long-term organizational performance.
Please answer this question in no more than 250 words
Please include reference and in text citations. Please use the competitive advantages below for each company I am working with as a reference to answering this question.
Apple, Inc. has a competitive advantage/strategy on brand with customer loyalty, and technological innovation – their knack for simplicity. Apple Inc. uses Differentiation Strategy.
I have the Measurement Guideline to verify Strategic Effectiveness if that helps for each Apple and Starbucks. For Riordan you would have to tell me where to look for that as I have their income statements and such. This may be a good article to use –…
Starbucks has a competitive advantage/strategy of delivering quality products and excellent customer interaction while remaining green and sustainable enables Starbucks to stay a step ahead of the others. Starbucks offers a mobile app that allows customers to order and pay conveniently from the app.
Riordan has a competitive advantage/strategy of them being a leader in the industry. Riordan has several locations, which can be used to implement production capabilities, which then ultimately lower costs. Riordan identifies opportunities through holding an organization comprehension market study so they can gain knowledge and establish directional strategies.
I have a bunch of PDF’s on this company (Riordan) if you need them please just ask and I can send to you on what you need.