Assignment 19166

Forty years ago, most people assumed that we were “all the same underneath”— that is, that everyone wanted to assimilate and become part of a homogeneous group. Today, we talk about “valuing differences” and searching for diversity. This is evident in the controversial issue of same sex marriage, a battle that has been referred to as a modern day civil rights movement. Although this issue has divided the country both politically and religiously, the recent Supreme Court decision showed that this country is committed to providing equality to all. However, despite the legal victories that we have witnessed in the landmark decision for same sex marriage, we have recently seen a rise in racial issues once again. The racial climate in America has been affected by the situations in Ferguson, New Jersey, Baltimore, South Carolina, and even here in McKinney, Texas.
In consideration of these issue, use the following questions or prompts to generate discussion amongst one another.
How is it that we can make legal advancements for same-sex couples, yet still struggle racially?
Is there a difference in acceptance and equality for certain groups? Should one group that has a history of being discriminated against be treated differently than another group that has struggled or been discriminated against?
Do you think that we as American’s have forgotten the struggles and the importance of the Civil Rights Movement? If so, in what ways?
Compare and contrast the historical civil rights movement to what we are experiencing today in regards to equality and race relations.
Please feel free to incorporate as many of these prompts into your discussion as possible. You are required to provide one original response and you are required to reply to at least two of your classmates. Your responses should well organized and should address at least one of the above prompts. When replying to your classmates, you should try to respond to someone that has provided a response on a different prompt than what you selected. Lastly, your reply should advance discussion and add to the comments of your classmates, do not simply agree or disagree with their post.