Assignment 19183

Things your paper must include:
• Denotation – What are the images and sounds that the text uses? Be specific and descriptive. Break down the individual signs and analyze them independently and in relation to the other signs.
Connotation – How are those images and sounds used, and how do they associate the product/artist with other desires? Remember to look at the way the text ‘commodifies’ desires and associates the product/artist with wants and needs that are not necessarily logically related to it.
Ideology – Why do these associations work? Consider what cultural values, myths and beliefs the ad invokes in order to make its point. Also think about what this says about our culture and what possible trends it points to.
Demographics – Who is the intended audience, and why were they targeted? What does it tell us about race, gender, sexuality, class, region, nation, ethnicity or any other socio-political concerns?