Assignment 19193

1. According to the textbook, researchers who have followed lives through time have
found evidence for both stability and change when it comes to an individual’s
personality. Reflect on your own personality and describe the characteristics of
your personality that have changed, and which have stayed the same as you have
grown older.
2. “People, it seems, regard the present as a watershed moment at which they
have finally become the person[s] they will be for the rest of their lives.”
Although personality and values do tend to become more stable with age, people
generally underestimate the extent of future personality shifts. The researchers
call this phenomenon “the end of history illusion.” The older you get, the less
you believe you have changed or will change. This finding isn’t surprising: for
years, researchers have confirmed the common-sense idea that one’s personality
and preferences become more stable with age. In a similar vein, people have a
tendency to recognize that their personalities and preferences have changed in
the past but misunderstand that personalities and preferences often change in
the future. When I was little, to my teen years I use to be overweight in high
school and that affected me a lot. I wanted to be a cheerleader and several
other things in high school but weight was a factor. I am not the big girl
anymore. I think back over the things in my life, I have always had a job,
dependable, can compromise with a person, and stood on my two feet. With this
being a new day in age, nothing has really changed, still the same person, got a
little wiser and smarter. When I turned thirty-five I was diagnosed with MS. I
am a student living life and I am blessed beyond measures.
3. My personality from a child versus now is somewhat the same. Younger I was very loving and caring and a very vulnerable child. I was the only child my mom was sick a lot so I was very clingy from friendships to relationships. I was never the girly girl type I was an athlete loved my sweat pants and hoodies. I was also very outspoken and blunt and didn’t care about how it affected people.
Now that I’m older over time I’ve become more girly and I have less hoodies and sweat pants, my bluntness is still there but I’ve become more aware of how it affects people and more mindful about how I say things. My vulnerability decreased tremendously since growing up learning the value of self.