Assignment 19200

No copy paste. matching ratio should not exceed 5%.
I want new text answer, not copied or rephrased.
Follow APA-style referencing.
Your answers MUST include at least 2 outside schientific references (other than the slides and textbook)
Use Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font.
Read the given article, and by using your critical thinking skills answer the following questions:
1- Explain the driven reasons for changing the quality documentation system in the Nestle Waters. ( 1.5 mark )
2- Outline the change objectives for both Retail Manufacturing and Home and Office Manufacturing units. ( 1 mark )
3- How the InfinityQS® ProFicient™ system can control the operation processes? ( 1 mark )
4- Describe the management role in the change process? ( 1.5 mark )