Assignment 19201

Make sure your responses are in complete sentences and have been proofread before submitting. Please make sure you answer all parts of the discussion.Table 1 :The table below shows two savings accounts, the original amounts that were deposited, and the balances after one, two, and, three years.
Savings Account ASavings Account BOriginal Deposit: $2,000Original Deposit: $2,000Balance After One Year: $2,060Balance After One Year: $2,060
Balance After Two Years: $2,121.80Balance After Two Years: $2,120
Balance After Three Years: $2,185.45Balance after Three Years: $2,1801. Based on the table provided above: What do you notice? What do you wonder? What do you know?
2. Without doing any calculations, how do you think the balances in Savings Account A and Savings Account B will look like in the long term?
3. Do you think that what occurs in table 1 will happen in all cases? Explain your answer in detail.
4. What is one question you have about simple interest or compound interest?
5. Comment on two classmates’ posts by doing any of the following: