Assignment 19202

Examples of organizational communication problems are as follows:
The leaders of an organization know they have to downsize (that is, fire) a large number of employees but do not effectively communicate the situation.
Policies at a company are not followed in different departments or at different locations because the policies are not communicated well by a central office.
Employees with inappropriate skill sets are hired because individuals familiar with the requirements do not communicate with the individuals hiring for the position.
Two leaders within an organization provide different directions on how employees should conduct their work.

Use any of the suggested materials listed in the Resources or search for other resources from the Capella library to examine decision-making models, and select one to apply to the organizational communication problem you have chosen.
Write a paper in which you address the following: Describe the organizational communication problem
Explain the decision-making model you chose that applies to the problem.
Use the selected decision-making model to describe solutions to the problem.