Assignment 19289

Template attached SPC 3602 Proposal Speech and Outline Guidelines Purpose: This goal of this speech is for you to deliver a persuasive speech that proposes a change to an existing federal, state, or local law. You will use this skill in the workplace to persuade others to support your point of view (i.e. pitching a product, gaining a client).
Task: In this 8-10—minute speech, you will select an existing federal, state, or local law and persuade your audience that the law should be changed. You should use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence organizational pattern for this speech. Each of the 5 steps in Monroe’s Motivated Sequence should be identifiable in your speech. You will need to do research in order to prepare and develop this speech. You should back up your thoughts with supporting material. Use the FIU Library resources to find credible sources for your speech. You should cite at least 7 sources using APA style both verbally in your speech and in your outline. An outline is required for this speech. A visual aid, such as PowerPoint, Prezi, handout, or physical object/s, is required for this speech as well.
A successful speaker will:
Select a topic appropriate for your audience and speech situation.
Use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence organizational pattern.
Avoid logical fallacies.
Include fully developed introduction, main points, conclusion, transitions in your speech.
Write a clear thesis.
Cite the minimum number of sources properly using APA style, both verbally and in your outline.
Use proper elements of vocal and physical delivery, such as avoiding vocal fillers, pausing between thoughts, making direct eye contact, and having strong posture, among others.
Not go over or under time.
Speak extemporaneously.
Dress professionally.