Assignment 24101

BE EXPLICIT in the memo about the specific career >>> Policy Analyst (Major: Public Administration) Your analysis should focus on BOTH the state and city. >>>> Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas. You should identify the primary pros and cons of the two locations you choose to evaluate. Your comparisons should include most of these factors, but not necessarily be limited to: •    Forms and types of governments•    Political and policy environments•    Economic conditions•    Natural resources and environmental factors, including climate•    Cost of living, including housing, transportations, etc•    Taxes and spending•    Education and schools, for continuing education and (one day) children•    Healthcare options•    Amenities and lifestyle options for recreation, arts, sports, etc.•    History, culture, and population profiles•    Income profiles and ongoing job growth and employment opportunities•    Faith and family considerations•    Auburn Club options You should make separate comparisons: 1) for you personally and 2) for your occupation/employer. You want to flourish, but you also want to be working in an occupation for an employer that can also flourish, keeping you employed and offering you upward mobility in terms of promotions, salary increases, bonuses, etc. The memo and comparisons should be factual and data-based, going beyond personal preference and philosophical statements. Don’t simply say “I don’t like cold weather,” but rather provide the data comparing temperature trends. Don’t just say “I want to live in a place with culture,” but rather inventory the cultural amenities in your comparisons. In short, this is an exercise in data-based comparisons, not just stating whims, moods, and gut feelings. When summing up the data, perhaps your personal intuitions and preferences can tip the scale if the competition is close when choosing one location over another. BUT IN THE END, make an explicit choice between the two options you research, and explain what criteria prevailed and why. For example, you may, in the end, weight economic options over social options. Only in that final weighting do your personal preferences matter. Please add a chart as an addition.*see files