Assignment 24124

Drawing the flowchart for this application.
b. Write the code by using Visual Basic programming language.
Design your application to have the following characteristics:
1. The application should allow the user to enter the following data for ten employees:
• Employee Id
• Number of hours worked
• Hourly pay rate
• Percentage to be withheld for state income tax
• Percentage to be withheld for federal income tax
• Percentage to be withheld for The Federal Insurance Contributions Act ( FICA)
2. The application should calculate and display the following data for each employee (in a one list Box or in multiple list Boxes:
• Gross pay (the number of hours worked multiplied by the hourly pay rate)
• State income tax withholdings (gross pay multiplied by state income tax percentage)
• Federal income tax withholdings (gross pay multiplied by federal income tax percentage)
• FICA withholdings (gross pay multiplied by FICA income tax percentage)
• Net pay (the gross pay minus state income tax, federal income tax, and FICA)
3. When the calculations are performed, be sure to check for the following error:
• If any employee’s state income tax plus federal tax plus FICA is greater than the employee’s gross pay, display an error message stating that the withholdings are too great
4. Make sure to clear all textboxes and labels before entering the information for the new employee
5. Provide ‘Exit’ button which is used to terminate project execution
6. Hitting the [Esc] key should produce the same effect as clicking the ‘Exit’ button
Note: Please, print the flowchart and the source code of your application. Also, I will see the execution of your application.