Assignment 24125

Here are some guidelines for the answers:
Each question (a and b) for each culture has multiple parts that are all related. Read them carefully, and make sure you don’t forget to answer any of those parts. I have seen people write up a good response, but forgot to make sure they responded to all the parts of the question. There are a total of 6 questions please answer all 6.
These questions focus on some aspect of Islamic, early Medieval, Romanesque art. Should write at least 180 words for each question, identified as a or b. More words are even better. I need detailed answers that address what the questions ask.
Please cite all websites used for information and Wikipedia is not an acceptable source of information. Cite what sources you did use in a bibliography at the end of your test.
**And Finally please Do not just copy and paste direct quotes out of the book to answer questions you can occasionally paraphrase. If and when you do sparingly use direct quotes, use quotation marks ” ” to identify what you extracted from the text. If you do not use quotation marks, ” “,
**This is a very strict rule for our answers, so please make sure you follow this rule!😀
I will attach a word doc with the questions in it. You do not need a cover page or worry about style and size of text I will take care of those things. If you have any questions please contact me and I will get back with you asap.
Thanks in advance.