Assignment 24131

What were the achievements and failures of Jefferson’s Presidency? Explain these in detail. (250 words)
2. How was Jefferson’s agrarian vision reflected in his policies affecting western lands? (80 words)
3. Why did aristocratic republicanism develop in the South and what were its defining features? (100 words)
4. Why did the colonization movement of the 1810s fail? (100 words)
5. What compromises over slavery did Congress make to settle the Missouri Crisis? Explain the compromises in detail- who are the both sides, what did both sides want and why, who thought of the compromise, how did it work, what made both sides happy enough with the compromises) (250)

Part 2:
1. What were the causes and the significant results of the War of 1812? Who fought who and why? (170 words)
2. What do you think is the most persuasive explanation for the United State’s decision to declare war on Great Britain in 1812? (95 words)
3. Why do historians think the decisions of the Marshall court constitute a federal legacy? Elaborate in detail. (150 words)
4. What were the main principles of the new republican religious regime? (From Henretta pg. 270) (no word count)
5. How was the 2nd Great Awakening similar to the first Great Awakening in the 1740s? And how was it different? (150 words)