Assignment 24135

Policymakers, advocates, and those administering SNAP
have long hypothesized that SNAP reduces food insecurity, which is a
measure of whether a household experiences food access limitations due
to lack of money or other resources.

Design a study to test this hypothesis.

Assignment Questions:

What is the research (evaluation) question?
What are the main variables related to this question
How are the concepts defined? How are they operationalized?
How are your variables measured?
Do your measurements pose any threats to internal validity?
What is your study population?
Will you sample this population? How will you draw this sample?
Does your sampling method pose any risks to external validity?
How will you go about collecting your data?
Will you do a small N or large N study?
What technique will you use to collect your data?
Why do you think this is the best technique to collect your data given your research question?

APA formatting
sources – just one