Assignment 24141

I know the credit side is supposed to equal to $215,300. Not sure about debit. They aren’t supposed to balance, though. 

Using the T-accounts template, open (set up) the T-accounts with the balances from the Balance Sheet (located in the first worksheet in the attached template).
Use the T-accounts template and input the following 17 transactions into each account.
Calculate the balance of each account. Use Excel’s function feature.
Prepare a trial balance based on your account balances from the ledger (located in the third worksheet at the bottom of the spreadsheet).
Transactions for August
Bonnie Birch, the owner, invested $40 000 in the business.
Borrowed $15 000 from the bank, which was deposited in the business’ bank account.
Paid $1 500 to Romeyn Properties Ltd. for the monthly rent.
Bought office and various sport supplies for $2 000 cash.
Purchased $43 000 worth of bats, helmets, and other sports equipment from Cannon Sports on account. The amount is due in 30 days.
Paid $800 cash for the heating bill received today.
Bought pitching machines from Ewert Equipment for $12 000 and have 30 days in which to pay.
Equipment was repaired ($350) from Ewert Equipment and will be paid for later.
Bought $7 800 of miscellaneous sports supplies on account from Sandhu Sporting Goods.
Sold a one-month team membership to the Infield Flyers for $800 on account. The amount is to be received in 15 days.
Sold a two-month team membership to the Remdal Red Sox for $2 200 on account. The bill is due in 30 days.
Cash sales for the month amounted to $40 200.
Bank charges for services fees and interest amounted to $250, which was taken directly out of the business’ bank account.
Paid $2 200 cash for monthly wages.
Sold a one-month membership cash for $1 300.
Paid the full amount to Ewert Equipment from transaction 8 ($350).
Owner withdrew $1 000 for personal use.