Assignment 24143

Imagine that you are the content reviewer of the parenting magazine and you have to provide your peer with feedback on their article prior to publication. Highlight the strengths of their article and also respectfully provide a suggestion for them to improve their content using constructive criticism and respectful netiquette. should be 5 sentences or more.
Play is an important factor in a toddlers development. I feel that children learn best from each other Plat is also one of the best ways an educator can get a good assessment on a childs abilities. By watching their peers actions and interactions, and watching the childs perform these same task can help an educator see if early intervention may be needed for this child. “.Today’s practices in early intervention with infants, toddlers, and young children require a breadth and depth of knowledge, understanding, and competence vis-à-vis play.” (Casby. 2003). Play is important for developing self-regulation(social-emotional), as well as for promoting language (social-emotional), cognition, and social competence. It is also important to a childs development for them to build bonds with other peers.A developmentally appropriate environment should allow time for play indoors and outdoors, one on one time with each student, academics, and group work. Students should be allowed a period of free play with toys/objects without the care giver intervening, as long as they are doing so safely. There also should be time where the teacher does interact with a student or students when they are playing. The teacher should also model play with their students. Teachers can facilitate and encourage peer-to-peer interaction by asking both children questions, closely supervising turn-taking activities, andhelping to resolve conflict. “It is the adult’s role to support positive interactions with other children” (Groark. 2014)*Pretend play- The child pretends to be feeding her doll or talking on a play phone.*Stacking- Putting objects on top of each other and watching them fall.*Pushing and pulling- Pushing cars along a ramp or track.*Creativity- Using play doh to form animals, people, or objects. References:Casby W.(2003) Michael. Michigan State University.The Development of Play in Infants, Toddlers, and Young ChildrenGroark, C., McCarthy, S.