Assignment 24170

1. Explain the size principle of force recruitment and provide an example.
Specifications for credit:
Describes the relationship between motor unit size and the amount of force needed for a behavior
Provides a real-world example demonstrating this principle
2. Explain the role and mechanism of alpha-gamma co-activation.
Specifications for credit:
Describes the function of alpha-gamma co-activation
Describes the way alpha-gamma co-activation operates
3. Explain how the presentation of facial palsy in a patient allows you to distinguish between UMN and LMN deficits to the facial motor nucleus.
Specifications for credit:
Describes the two different types of facial palsy
Relates the two types of facial palsy to UMN and LMN lesions
Explains why the two lesion types lead to the symptoms found in each facial palsy type
The files attached will help you answer these questions