Assignment 24180

Using the information you learned thus far, you will complete a chart to provide examples of each construct and how they affect individuals within a society.After you complete the chart, you will write a narrative that describes the similarities and differences between each construct and how it impacts the individual, as well as ways in which it may affect the individual within the workplace.  An example is provided in the chart, but please do not use it as one of your responses.  Your narrative should be 550 words minimum. Chart:    Social inequality(Select an inequality for each construct of race, ethnicity, and gender)•    Education•    Healthcare•    Housing•    Income•    Religion•    Wealth    Stratification System(Select which system is the justification)•    Unequal resources•    Stratified groups•    Ideology•    Class systems•    Patriarchy    Give at least one example of this in our society-Race    (Example. Education)    (Example. Unequal resources)    (Example. Suburban schools have better resources due to higher taxes and have predominately white students.)-Ethnicity            -GenderNarrative:IntroductionA brief overview of your narrative. (It should be about 100 words.)BodyIn your own words:Describe what social inequality is.  Then, outline the similarities and differences between the social constructs of race, ethnicity, and gender.  Summarize how each construct can affect an individual within the workplace.  (It should be about 350 words and organized into paragraphs.)ConclusionSummarize and restate your main points.  (It should be about 100 words.)