Assignment 24181

Steps for SuccessConsider the following questions to answer in your essay (these do not need to be in any order):How does design apply to your life? What topics around design matter to you?Why does the world need design?Use your reflection posts and course topics. Look back on your writing as you read through Designing Your Life and what you’ve learned over the course of the semester (this can include material from before Week 8 but should incorporate material afterwards as well, or from your own research/interests). Think about what stood out to you and what was important to you to inform the focus of this paper.Tell a story. Using the questions and considerations above, organize your ideas about design to inform the structure of your paper. You can get a little personal in this essay (tell me why you think design is important and relates to your life!) but also think about the impact of design on the world and back up any claims with specific examples outside of your own experience (course material, articles, etc.).Provide a list of works cited. Remember to cite your sources within the text as well.