Assignment 24215

Communication involves written and verbal communication. Regardless of where we work within the field of Human Services, we are required to ensure that all communication is professional and respectful—even when working with difficult persons. The course project for Module 02 involves the following scenario:
Scenario: You have a caseload of 25 clients in which your day-to-day work schedule is extremely hectic. Though you manage to see all your clients as Rasmussen Help Center, LLC policy indicates, you are also required to document your services within the clients’ records so that your supervisor can review your work processes. Your co-worker, Marvin, recently separated from the agency and you have now inherited 8 more clients to your caseload. Your supervisor is under the assumption that all is well; however, you are progressively getting behind on your paperwork and you receive numerous emails and phone calls from other service providers with other agencies that require your attention.
In a one-page paper, discuss the following:
What are professional communication skills and why are they so important within the field of Human Services?
Interacting with clients is a necessity, and in many cases seeing unscheduled clients is part of the job. Why is it important to document your work with clients? What are the advantages of documenting services in a timely manner? What are the consequences that can occur (based upon the scenario) if client services are not documented in a timely fashion?
Discuss appropriate tone in written and oral communication with clients and with other service providers. Why is appropriate tone important? What are the consequences of inappropriate tone with clients and other service providers?
Based upon the scenario presented, discuss the relevance of communicating needs with your immediate supervisor. Why is this important?
Use a minimum of three sources.
Must be 7th edition APA format