Assignment 24219

Your paper will be processed through TurnItIn, and anti-plagiarism service.  You are allowed to view the originality report.  It usually takes just a few minutes to generate, but might require you to refresh the page when it’s ready.  This report will identify areas of your paper that can be found elsewhere.  Material from other sources will be identified, but if you have place quotation marks around direct quotes, and cited it properly, this is not plagiarism, so don’t get anxious when you see that some of your paper is found in other sources.If, after reviewing your originality report, you find areas of your paper that need correction with quotation marks or citations, you can make the adjustments on the paper located on your computer and resubmit the paper to TurnItIn.  You can do this as many times as you like, once every 24 hours, until the due date and time before the end of 11/30/21.The Application paper asks you to demonstrate your knowledge of two theories and your insight into yourself. In 2000 words, you are to apply Erikson’s Psychosocial theory and one other developmental theory described in our textbook to one developmental period of your own life.  The second theorist is one of your choosing but one highlighted in our textbook.  The period of your life must be one that you have experienced, not one in the future, and is best chosen from experiences you remember.  Infancy doesn’t usually lend itself to good papers. You are to use your own life experiences to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each of the two theories, and use the theories to lend new perspective to your experiences. An excellent paper is a 50/50 balance between developmental experiences and theoretical explanation, but is fully integrated, not divided into a theory section and a life experience section.  It introduces some theoretical material that goes beyond what is found in the textbook.  It avoids repetition and packs as much content into the words allowed as is reasonable. Three non-textbook references are required.  The textbook can be used as a reference, and cited, but that would be a fourth reference. APA citations and reference page are required.