Assignment 24242

Use your voice to communicate the content of this assignment.  Discussion is encouraged.  The purpose of this assignment is to develop your strength as a leader in advocating for important topics impacting health care.  You will also develop effective presentation skills. For the discussion:1.  Select the topic of your advocacy discussion early in the semester.  See the Action Item link to the Advocacy Topic selection spreadsheet in the Start Here module.2.  Research the topic you have selected to assure you have evidence to support the discussion.3.  Watch the Tutorial Videos for this Module.  Review the rubric for the Discussion of the Advocacy presentation.4.  Develop a power point presentation based on the required readings for effective power point presentations.  Be sure to use the rubric to develop the presentation.Reminder:  the rubric will be found at the three dots located at the top of the discussion assignment.  3 dots.jpg There is a 10 slide limit excluding a cover slide and a reference slide.  Include a reference slide with the presentation.